10 Entrepreneurship Do's and Don't

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels 10 Entrepreneurship Do's and Don'ts

There really isn't any specific way to succeed in business neither is there any laid down principle(s) that can ensure success, but in the course of my entrepreneurship journey I have learnt a few lessons I think are worth spreading.

1. Build a great team.

Most of your wins as an entrepreneur will come as a result of your team. When building a team, you must ensure to avoid friendships or family relationships, build a team based on your weaknesses, seek persons that compliment you and persons who are going in the same direction as yourself.

If you work with the wise, you shall be wise.

2. Seek mentorship.

Experience, in my opinion, is the slowest way of learning, we in most cases succeed at the level of mentorship we get it is important that you get good advisers for yourself and your business, persons you can be accountable to.

3. Be open-minded and ready to learn

In the course of your entrepreneurship journey, it is important that you remain very open-minded, it important that you let go of control sometimes, take the back seat and learn from others. Allow your experiences, and mistakes teach you. Try not to always force your way through or force your decisions, do well to listen to your team members and other entrepreneurs who are doing better, irrespective of age or length of time in business.

4. Be creative and unique.

The most import things you can invest in as an entrepreneur is education and travel, education makes you aware of things you never knew existed and travel makes you see things you never knew existed with these two innovations is birth. You must start new trends to solve problems within your industry, your approach should be different from already established patterns.

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5.Think big, start small, grow fast

You can't wait for all the dots to connect before you start. The right decision or idea can be wrong if executed way later than its time. It's okay to start where you are, the dots will eventually connect as you go.

6. Work hard

You can have all the right ideas and not break even if you're not willing to work hard, entrepreneurship is most likely the hardest thing you'll ever do, so you'll have to give it your time and your focus. Ensure nothing breaks your focus whilst you 'burn the midnight candle and give up your comfort.'

7. Pay attention to detail.

Whilst it is important that you take a risk, it is important that you pay attention to the tiniest detail of every risk, don't just jump on every opportunity because it seems good, ensure to take a calculated approach to every opportunity. Lead by the business case and ensure you understand the needs of your customers and that of your tea members.


Entrepreneurship isn't as cool as and glamorous as the new media sometimes makes it look. Successful Businesses have no endpoint, they keep jumping over hurdles, they have learnt to fail forward. Entrepreneurship is about discipline and determination. you've got learn to bounce back consistently and always

9. Don't be afraid to take a risk.

A lot of businesses have gone under because of the inability of the business owner to go the road less travelled by others. It is important that as an entrepreneur you take calculated risk aimed at growing the business. Take the right risk at the right time.

10. Don't be afraid to fail.

Failure in itself is a good thing, it gives an opportunity to see things differently and do things differently, failures gives you a second chance if you're willing to take it. Learn the lessons from your failures and relaunch your ideas. Grow away from your failures

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